Write a short note on computer security

Sigma Ransomware Being Distributed Using Fake Craigslist Malspam

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Short Essay on “Hacking”

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If your computer is infected with a boot sector virus, the virus tries to write copies of itself to the system areas of floppy disks and hard disks. Then the infected floppy disks may infect other computers that boot from them, and the virus copy on the hard disk will try to infect still more floppies.

Note that in both issues a software manufacturer was caught in a lie, denying some alleged behaviour that compromised a computer’s security or its user’s privacy. To my knowledge, neither manufacturer was ever called to. “A Computer Virus is a malicious software program “Malware” that can infect a computer by modifying or deleting data files, boot sector of a hard disk drive or causes a software program to work in an unexpected manner”.

Short Essay on “Hacking” Article shared by Hacking was a term that originated in s and is associated with the unauthorized use of computer and network resources.

Amazon AWS Servers Might Soon Be Held for Ransom, Similar to MongoDB

Write short notes of computer based management information system? information provided to the management for decision making with the help of computer is known as Share to.

Write a short note on computer security
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