Short essay on space travel

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Space Travel essay

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John Locke (1632—1704)

It is about kms from the earth. A space ship travel­ling at a speed of kms. per hour can cover this distance in 10 hours. The scientists had further discovered that the surface of moon is rough and full of craters, rocks and mountains.

Space Travel One of the most daunting aspects of making science fictional aspirations real is the vast distances--and nearly insurmountable obstacles--between interesting space objects. Thank goodness for the fertile imaginations of sf writers, who can conquer all.

Space travel offers much romantic possibility. Science has brought many wonders and if man succeeds in space travel on a large scale, it will open the mysteries of other planets. America's Saturn rockets, Gemini's and Surveyors, and Russia's Sputniks, Cosmoses, etc. are taking mankind nearer the.

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Short essay on space travel
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