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LEGO® Friends: Leveraging Competitive Advantage

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Current research projects include:. As I build new worlds, brick by brick, I imagine my own possibilities and opportunities. Through the “lives” of my Lego friends, I have been able to act out elaborate experiences. LEGO recently invited The Brothers Brick to their headquarters in Billund, Denmark, along with various other fan-run online groups, websites, and print media about LEGO.

I was the lucky guy who. Lego. Architects drew their roots from this, while construction workers found a way to build upon their childhood dreams. Both of these careers can be dreamed of by children around the world when they pick up any amount of Lego blocks and let their imagination run wild.

LEGO® Friends: Leveraging Competitive Advantage

Girls see these advertisements and can recognize through the rhetoric that the normal Lego commercials are directed at boys, and the Lego Friends commercials are directed at them. In a sense, this becomes a self-­‐fulfilling prophecy.

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Lego friends essay
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