Fire friend or enemy

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Fire: A Friend and a Foe

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Fire:Friend Or Foe

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it is a friend as it provides us warmth and an enemy because it can destroy everything don't you get it? Lets say you have an enemy, and your friend has to hate that person too, so the enemy of.

The World Was Wide Enough Lyrics: One two three four / Five six seven eight nine— / There are ten things you need to know / Number one! / We rowed across the Hudson at dawn / My friend, William. Fire: Friend and Foe Natural phenomenon—fire is both friend and enemy.

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Hence it is clear that fire is both a bosom friend and a deadly enemy. When kept under control it is one of the greater boons known to humanity; but when out of control or used for destruction it is a devastating force before which man is helpless.

But unconsciously, we know that fire can serve as a friend and a foe for us, as have been written above, fire will serve as our friend if we will used it on proper ways.

Panic is everyone's enemy in times of disaster. Fire: A Friend and a Foe. Carbohydrates - Friend or Foe?! Publisher: Jon Allmark.

Fire friend or enemy
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Fire: A Friend and a Foe