Describe a historic place

For instance, some aspects in your country may be the part of the future of your country but not known in secondary history. Describe an interesting side you have been to.

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Describe an interesting historic place

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to polluted, dull. This lesson will help you to increase your English vocabulary for describing places. Beginners Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Sitemap. ESOL Courses. Free English Lessons Online. Adjectives that Describe Places - Intermediate Vocabulary.

Home | English Vocabulary York is a historic British town which is. I'm going to speak about historical place shaki khan place.

This is so historical place.

National Register of Historic Places

This place located in Azerbaijan regions and explain why this place is interesting.

Model Answer: Machu Picchu in southern Peru is a very interesting historic place and I have a great interest about his historic place. Describe an interesting historic place. In Part 2, you should say: what it is where it is located what you can see there now.

and explain why this place is interesting. Yohai Jozsur, via email; Now, to finish the test, let's consider "Looking after historic places". But for the cue card 'describe a historic place that you know about', you can talk about any historic place located anywhere in the world.

Adjectives that Describe Places - Intermediate Vocabulary

Not necessarily you need to visit a place to know about it. Do not pick a place which has very little historical significance or the places that.

This historic place was built as an estate for the Pachacuti emperor of the Inca civilization in around and is considered as the most significant and familiar icon of the Inca civilization. A tourist can see the finest work of the Inca civilization there and can learn many things about this civilization.

What are some historical places in Switzerland? Describe a historic place
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